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Crowd4Cash at Swiss Fintech Fair 2019

As part of the financial industry, we at Crowd4Cash know the current issues in detail. Low interest rates, missing investment opportunities, rising costs in the banking environment (conditions) and an incredibly fast changing target group due to technological affinities. If you interpret these signs correctly, you will find that Crowdlending will be an important piece of the puzzle in the future financial world.

What we do:

With our Crowdlending platform, we offer a functioning and efficient marketplace for lending business. By eliminating a financial intermediary, borrower and lender benefit from lean and simple processes. The efficient and fully digital loan process, enables us to offer attractive conditions that pay off for both sides.

Why we are participating Swiss Fintech Fair:

Financing projects via online platforms is a prime example of financial technology. It's about digitizing processes, how banking is done and how customers deal with their money in the smartphone era. Here we meet friends, colleagues from the scene, we can deepen our contacts, discuss ideas and feel the pulse of the community.

Meet us at our booth:

Visitors should see for themselves that this is a company that has not only taken digitization to heart, but is also innovatively trying to change the market by developing products and processes that were previously unknown in the local market. It is fair to say that we are doing pioneering work here.

Get in touch to schedule your meeting with us at our booth during the Swiss Fintech Fair on September 17th: info(at)crowd4cash .ch


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