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i2 group launches its first own financial product

The “Short-Term Marketplace Lending Note” by Anthedon gives investors access to private debt

with unparalleled diversification and new state-of-the-art transparency features such as the

newly launched investors portal.

After a successful seed funding last summer and a positive track record with managed accounts

as well as two fund projects, i2 group has now launched its first completely inhouse product for

professional investors, approved by the Financial Market Authority of Principality of


The note gives investors access to a uniquely diversified portfolio using the software developed

by i2 invest which allows them to collect, standardise and evaluate investment data from

marketplace lending platforms. Investments are diversified across a multitude of factors such as

marketplaces, loan originators, loan types (such as sme loans, invoice financing, car loans,

mortgages), countries and duration.

The loan portfolio has been specifically designed using loans that have shown extraordinary

resilience during the turmoil of last year’s crisis in order to improve security.

The note is a short-term debt alternative, with the primary aim of offering investors a way to

store not needed strategic liquidity with a time horizon of more than 12 months at interesting

rates in times of low and negative interest rates in the bond market. This feature is supported by

a short duration of 1.5 years with a term of 2 years and a target yield of 4.25% p.a.

In conjunction with this product, the new investor portal - which was setup with the expertise,

know-how and support of i2 invest - on the webpage is being launched. This

platform will first be available to investors of the short-term lending note and at a later stage be

rolled out to all investors of any product related to the i2 group. The portal will feature a

dashboard for each product of the i2 group and affiliated partners. This dashboard allows

investors to follow their investment in detail, showing granular data on each investment.

Furthermore investors will be able to retrieve relevant documents on this portal. At launch a

“demo dashboard” will also be available, allowing non-investors to explore the capabilities of the portal.


Note information

Title: Short-Term Marketplace Lending Note


Currency: EUR

Denomination: 10.000 EUR

Min size: 10 certificates

ISIN: LI0563379606

Sales restrictions: Institutional/professional and qualified investors resp. in EU/CH/FL/UK only

Source: press release i2 Group, 24.03.2021


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