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We are Swiss Fintech!

We are very proud and happy to announce the new name of our association. Swiss Finance Startups is now: Swiss Fintech.

Our organization was founded in 2014 when the term #fintech was either widely unknown to many traditional players within the Swiss financial center or it was not taken seriously.

This is why back then the decision was made to focus on"finance" instead of "fintech". And therefore the voice for fintech in Switzerland was founded under the name Swiss Finance Startups.

Fintech is now no longer a niche, fintech is leading the way in finance.

But times have changed - many of our members are long past startup-stage, fintech is no longer a niche, it is leading the way in finance. This development of fintech into a successful industry was made possible by startup founders, fintech drivers and also by the work of our association Swiss Finance Startups.

It was about time to reflect this change with a new name. Fintech is what this association is about.

Without giving up our startup focus we want fintech to be seen at eye level with other pillars of the financial industry. And that's why we will put full focus on Swiss Fintech!

The decision was made via member voting which produced are more than clear result with 92.6% votes in favor of the new name.

The association Swiss Fintech will carry on advocating for innovation and a startup spirit in Switzerland, we will further on host the Swiss Fintech Fair also in 2021. And more updates are soon to be announced .

From now on, you can reach us under:


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