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Swiss Machine Learning Start-up Turicode Becomes Acodis

Announcement of New Intelligent Document Processing Platform

Winterthur, 3 May 2021: Swiss start-up Turicode has changed its name to Acodis. The name change is part of an overall rebranding that will promote clear visual communication for its upcoming Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform. The new visual identity includes a new name, logo, and design principles inspired by the company's mission to turn documents into value.

A New Look for New Standards

Acodis CEO and co-fonder Martin Keller emphasises that the new brand identity is the next logical step of the company's growth. "Over the past five years, Acodis has been able to solve many challenges in document processing for its numerous customers with the help of machine learning. This experience has been carefully immersed into the development of the new Acodis platform. The software is setting new standards in terms of ease-of-use, versatility, security and performance in the field of IDP."

Director of Marketing Simon Lehmann says, "Every day, more businesses are looking to us as they take their next step toward fully automated document processes. The new Acodis identity will give them a consistent experience across all touchpoints in their journey."

Enabling Automated Document Processing With IDP

The technology enables companies to automate all key aspects of document-heavy business processes with just a few clicks.

Acodis IDP automates:

1. Document inspection

2. Document classification

3. Data extraction

4. Data validation and analysis

The IDP platform from Acodis is powered by machine learning and allows for much faster and more intelligent automation than existing robotic process automation options. Acodis has pioneered this field for five years, and the upcoming platform represents the future of intelligent automation. Since every business process starts, involves, or ends with documents, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 70-80% (Source: Everest Group), and companies that adopt machine learning are expected to shape the future after Covid-19 (Source: Boston Consulting Group).


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